A very very sick man who had sex with his dog, is still allowed to keep dogs!

I simply cannot understand how someone could do such a sick and disgusting act. It really is the most disgusting and vile way to treat means best friends.

How could a human behave in such a sick way to an animal? That man is an absolute monster.

And that wasn’t the only sick act he was up to, as you can see here.

Only a very very disturbed and horrible person would behave like this. From a psychological point of view, it’s simply unfathomable how someone could act in such a sick and vile way.

Let’s remember that there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in this world.

That man should not be allowed to have dogs at his home. But he is allowed to.

I am not a massive fan of dogs, but I would not endorse any person who has sex with a dog. That’s simply unacceptable and horrific behaviour. What a monster that man is


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